ConnectCore – Direct bank

Having transformed the branches to sales and advisory outlets, banks are now exploring avenues to do the same with their digital service channels. With a new generation of banking customers, comes a new expectation of providing banking services. The way this new generation has embraced and used technology, has accelerated the demand for availability of banking services whenever and wherever the customer wants it.

Online customers are moving to banking apps to manage their transaction banking; this provides a demand to enhance the online experience to become more personal and sophisticated with increased value-added services. Question not so long ago was, can a bank exist if it didn’t have any online presence? Update! Can a bank exist without a banking app?

ConnectCore digital solutions, comprising of Internet bank and Mobile app, allow banks to offer direct channel access to their customers, through the Internet, tablets and mobile.

Seamless user experience
ConnectCore's digital solutions empower banks through its Common Channel Framework (a blend of our common communication and process framework) to attain new levels of customer satisfaction by way of consistent content, context, offers, products and service delivery across channels. 

  • Our common communications framework allows conversation that are started on one channel to be taken to another without any break. A dedicated “message wall” enables both bank and customer to indulge in real-time dialogue. The communication concept also provides alerts and reminders to boost customer activity.
  • Our common process framework keeps consistent process information across channels, which means transactions or services started on one device can be seamlessly taken to another.

The usability design of our digital solutions is focused on ease of use and understanding. Information is provided with maximum clarity to enable the customer to navigate with precision and provide clear basis for decisions. The processes are designed to ensure easy execution of transactions.

Easy integration
Comes with a standardized library of published SOAP web services. With these web services the bank can create a standard services architecture that ensures easy and seamless integration with legacy core system.


Internet bank

ConnectCore’s internet banking solution, is designed to enhance the bank customer’s digital experience. This is ensured by the easy to use functionality to manage banking services online, personal sales features and an innovative communication concept.

Sales features of the internet bank provide the ability for the bank to cross-sell and up-sell their services, in a personal manner to the customer. It also makes it easy for the customer to apply online for the services made available.

Functional overview

Customer portfolio overview
Multi-client concept

Deposit accounts
Account details
Transaction History

Loan accounts
Account details
Payment plan

Card details
Card maintenance
Cancellation request

Sales fulfillment
New deposit account
Loan application
Issue new card

Direct Marketing
Message wall

Payments Dashboard
Utility payments
Domestic payment
International payment
Standing orders
Direct Debit maintenance
Payment Drafts
Import payments
Beneficiary maintenance
Currency exchange

Investment solutions
Stock trading
Bonds trading
Mutual funds trading
Portfolio dashboard
Market feeds

Branch management
Bank user management
User management 


Mobile app

ConnectCore’s mobile solution is an application available on Android and iOS that responds to the demand for smart and easy to use banking services provided as an app.

The mobile app provides an enjoyable user experience, with the ability to tap into common banking services, to review accounts or perform financial transactions. In addition the app also provides innovative communication possibilities, as well as the ability to service the customer based on their location. The usability design is optimized for the native interface of the smartphone. It ensures that visualization, navigation and interaction are smart, fast and easy to understand.

The communication feature enables the bank and customer to interact via a real-time dialogue tool called “message wall”. Together with alerts and reminders pushed to the customer, it provides a platform for banks to increase customer activity.

Customers log into their secure domain to manage their everyday banking needs, while there is also a public domain open to all users of the app, where the bank can market their services and guide potential customers to find the nearest Service outlet or ATM. Exchange rates can also be published together with an easy currency converter to support FX business.

Functional overview 

Multi-level Authentication
Accounts overview
Transaction history/ details
Domestic payments
International Payments
Message Wall
ATM/Branch GEO locator
Currency rates
Currency converter
Personalization/ Localization