ConnectCore - Channels & Mobility

Consumer experience in the banking domain is being driven by the nexus of forces which inherently revolves around human behavior. Changing human behavior over the years has redefined the customer segmentation of the bank dictated by their aspirations of data access, usability and experience advocacy. This customer experience centric approach necessitated a paradigm shift from how to reach customers to how customers can reach the Banks and the new mantra became “Ubiquity”. The way ‘Generation Y’ has embraced and now uses technology has accelerated the demand for the availability of banking services, whenever and wherever the customer wants it.

Digital channels have really come a long way in the last decade from starting out as just a basic transactional portal. With its widespread acceptance by customers as one of the main channels of interacting with their banks. The cost of maintaining infrastructure in branches today makes it a very inefficient channel for banks to serve the basic common needs of their customers. Does that mean at such a high operating cost, a branch can be deemed a completely dispensable sales and service channel? 

No. A branch is integral to a bank’s community presence, its brand identity and is there to build trust with the customer. The approach is not to replace the branch with sophisticated digital channels rather to compliment it by offering alternative channels. Banks should be defining a multi-channel sales and service strategy across all touch points – including physical (ATM, Kiosk), face-to-face (Branch), Voice and Digital (Online, Mobile, SMS).


Solution overview

ConnectCore™ – Channels & Mobility is a truly integrated, customer centric, service delivery platform for the bank of the future. It has been designed to enable banks not just to survive but also thrive in the face of non-traditional competition. 

The platform covers the end-to-end service delivery needs of banks. The Channels & Mobility platform offers device independent (PC, Tablet, and Mobile) solutions for:

·           Direct banking – Online mobile and tablet banking solution for your end customers.

·           Front end - Teller and Operational CRM solutions for your professional user.  

·     Agent banking – Online and mobility solutions for your partners or agents to enable your financial inclusion strategies or to capture business moments as they happen at business hotpots, such as retail outlets or dealerships.



Topline growth - It offers ubiquity to banks by giving them the ability to capture business moments in business hotspots such as retail outlets. With ConnectCore – Channels & Mobility banks can achieve last mile penetration by deploying technology in places where they did not have a footprint due to technology challenges. This last mile reach opens up new avenues of revenue generation by offering almost branch like services to the doorstep of remote areas. 

The customer analytics helps staff know their customers better through effective segmentation. You can use the profitability and the sales insights to increase you customer’s wallet’s share.

Low total cost of ownership – Our Channels & Mobility product interfaces with different external systems and has a short implementation timeframe. The system is completely platform independent allowing banks to retain their existing technology investment in databases, application servers and browsers. This translates into a lower total cost of ownership and reduced operational risk for the bank.

Reduced operational cost - ConnectCore™ – Channels & Mobility platform substantially reduces servicing and transaction cost by giving customers the same level of engagement through self-service channels. It reduces costs of maintainability across channels because of its unified architecture.

Easy integration - ConnectCore™ – Channels & Mobility comes with a standardized SOA enabled common service framework. The services framework supports published APIs which allows our Channels & Mobility platform to be easily integrated with any existing systems.

Quick time-to-market - ConnectCore™ – Channels & Mobility platform allows you to create processes unique for each product and service offering thereby catering to different service delivery needs. The dynamic process framework ensures all business processes and products have omnipresent accessibility across channels. This gives the ability to go beyond launching products in the back-office and making them available across all channels.

User experience - It empowers banks to attain new levels of customer satisfaction through its innovative common content, service and product delivery across channels – powered by its Common Channel Framework.

The usability design of our digital solutions is focused on ease of use and understanding. Information is provided with maximum clarity to enable the customer to navigate with precision and provide clear basis for decisions. The processes are designed to ensure easy execution of transactions.

The common process framework keeps consistent process information across channels, which means a process started on one device can be seamlessly taken to another.