DataMatrice Mediator

Single window applications and multi-channel access, are concepts of the recent new age banking. Even till a decade ago, banks implemented silo technologies and applications to manage their operations. The result is that most banks today are experiencing information technology (IT) challenges such as end-of-life legacy systems, core banking solutions and internal applications that do not effectively communicate with each other and so on.

At IDEALINVENT we understand that banks cannot simply abandon their systems and write off large investments of the past.  The need of the hour is a smart middleware platform that will seamlessly integrate all technologies.

DataMatrice (DM) Mediator is a Data Management solution that serves as a vital component to your middleware architecture. It helps to synchronize multi-system infrastructure into synergistic performance. Equipped with unique Data Management functionality, DM Mediator is designed exclusively for the Banking and Financial Services sector.


  • Integrates front-end processes with back-end applications
  • Enables easy integration of all third-party applications, core banking systems and hardware platforms as it is supported by a web-service based model
  • Manages banking-specific batch processes, workflows and bank-branch rollout schedules
  • Enables data extraction, transformation and reporting 
  • Interfaces with different protocols like MQs, EJB, FTP, SFTP, HTTP and HTTPs
  • Allows network monitoring through Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps
  • Manages multiple format data input and output such as XML, database tables and spreadsheets
  • Runs on industry standard databases including, Oracle,DB2, MySQL and PostgreeSQL
  • Runs independent of the database, operating system and platform
  • Complies with international regulations and protocols including SEPA, EDIFACT and SWIFT
  • Built on the Enterprise and Branch Model (Hub and Spoke), where individual branches are a fundamental unit of the enterprise structure
  • Built on a metadata-driven architecture and processing methodology 

 Business benefits 

  • Gets disparate enterprise applications  to effectively interact with each other
  • Seamlessly connects  core banking systems, enterprise applications, customers and regulatory bodies
  • Manages banking-specific batch processing with reconciliation, validation and data posting to external systems
  • Ensures data privacy and minimizes risk of fraud by providing  role-based access rights across different users  
  • Reduces turnaround time and improves productivity because of parallel processing of data
  • Ensures maximum security of business information
  • Allows banks and financial institutions to maintain multiple source-systems
  • Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Generates user configurable reports and dashboards for agile, data-driven decision-making
  • Supports total compliance with global regulatory obligations
  • Enhances operational efficiency, with the use of  IBM P Series server