DM 3.1 with SEPA Credit Transfers and Statements Module

With the ability to do any kind of data extraction and transformation, DataMatrice™ jumps one more step ahead by incorporating a Statements Module and planting its foot strongly into SEPA, which is a vast and complex payment system in the European market.
Key features of DataMatrice™ 3.1 version:

  1. Multi Format file upload handling, which allows DataMatrice™ to take in data from files that consist of multiple lines for a single record, and individually specify the format of each line.
  2. Emailing of templated files.
  3. PDF outputs for templated documents.
  4. Maker and checker for custom definitions, which provides additional authorization process for custom definitions, so that all data put into a table needs to be authorized before it can be used.
  5. ASCII characters for column delimiter and padding characters – Padding characters and Delimiters can be specified for each file, which can either be static values or ASCII represented.
  6. Additional data handling like #COUNT# and #SUM# which can be used in uploads for validations and in handoffs as information.
  7. Footer in uploads – Apart from Headers, Footers can now be configured for uploads along with validations.
  8. View exceptions in the external request screen, by which the status of DM batches can be initiated and viewed externally through a URL (with restricted access).
  9. Support for all encoding formats.

Key features of SEPA Credit Transfers:

  1. Support for Direct Customer Credit Transfer - the initiation request is validated and a Credit Transfer Payment is processed accordingly.
  2. Support for handling rejection and returned payments – ability to repair and re-send rejected or returned payments due to reasons which are rectifiable.
  3. Generate reports like number of initiations, payments, rejections, returned payments etc.

Key features of Statements Module:

  1. Configure uploads from the Core Banking System views into identical structures in DataMatrice™
  2. Handle complex handoff formats – TITO, TATO, FidaVista and Litas using features of DataMatrice™ 3.1
  3. FTP and Emailing of templated files.
  4. New web screen which allows a user to login and capture requests for Statement Generation / Re-generation.
  5. DataMatrice™ batch to generate scheduled and unscheduled statements.
  6. View audit and requests from the web screens.
  7. Archival of statements
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