IDEALINVENT selected as consulting partner for implementing Finstudio - Financial Data Warehouse - by Bank SNORAS

IDEALINVENT has added a new dimension to their consulting business - implementation of financial data warehouse for banks. IDEALINVENT has been selected by Bank SNORAS as Consultants for implementation of FinStudio - a Financial Data Warehouse application from FinArch. IDEALINVENT team would be working along with Bank SNORAS and FinArch Consultants to implement the solution for Bank SNORAS for their upcoming branch in Latvia. The current phase of the project is for Latvian Central Bank Regulatory reporting.

IDEALINVENT consultants will work on the Analysis, Design of Templates, Creation of Standard Records, Capture and Allocation rules and on the Handoff to Central bank.

This paves the way to create synergy between FinArch and IDEALINVENT to explore further markets and coordinated strategies for FinStudio implementation. This also is evidence of the great relationship that has been established between IDEALINVENT and Bank SNORAS and demonstrates the confidence and faith that the bank has in IDEALINVENT's ability to successfully execute a project.

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