Oct 22, 2014 - 15 new banks created in 10 minutes with B-SaaS™ at the Bank 2.014 Conference in Stockholm!

To demonstrate the business agility banks can gain through SaaS, IDEALINVENT Technologies launched the ’10 Minute Bank’ powered by B-SaaS™, their Banking Software-as-a-Service offering, to conference delegates in Sweden.

During the Bank 2.014 conference, Stefan Johansson, Head of Business Development in the Nordics for IDEALINVENT, invited the ‘C’ level banking delegates to register for their own bank by logging on to the B-SaaS.com website with their smartphones. In less than 10 minutes all 15 who requested a bank received links and logged on to their very own end-to-end banking platform via mobile. The delegates will now be able to experience B-SaaS™ free for 30 days across any channel they choose. They will be assisted by numerous resources from video tutorials to Skype Chat which are designed to walk users through all aspects of their core bank, e.g. account set-up, creating & launching products and formatting reports.

The B-SaaS™ engine is based on service oriented architecture (SOA) and the banking services provided are in line with the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) standards (visit www.bian.org for more details). The core banking engine powering B-SaaS is completely parameter driven and modular and is complimented with unique data management capabilities for advanced analytics and reporting. This is further enriched with the Channel options that banking customers now require, including a fully-fledged Internet bank application and Android mobile application platform with iOS app coming soon.

The B-SaaS 30 day experience is now available to anyone from the banking and financial sector who would like to experience the agility made possible by implementing a SaaS based solution for their core banking needs. Just visit www.b-saas.com to learn more and register for your own ’10 Minute Bank’!

Stefan said of the experience at the conference, “The response and feedback from delegates on how B-SaaS addresses the challenges banks are facing strengthened our beliefs that we are on the right path. We could clearly tell that showcasing our abilities through the 10 Minute Bank concept was considered unique and very exciting by our prospective customers”.

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