Experience Agility with B-SaaS at Bank 2.014 in Stockholm on 21st October

Bank 2.014 in Sweden is the BFSI’s sectors annual event for the Nordics that provides participants with knowledge of the latest trends in digital banking services and provides them with tools for new technology opportunities to be converted into business value

At the Talentum organized Bank 2.014 conference in Stockholm, Sweden on the 21st October - we will be introducing your passport to instant Agility: B-SaaS™ – our Banking Software-as-a-Service. And we are ready to prove that instant agility to you; visit our exhibition stand at the conference for the big reveal or log on to B-SaaS.com to pre-register for our ground breaking offer.

Agility and cost are the inter-twined paradoxes banks are currently facing; to be competitive, they need to be supremely agile – but agility is compromised without a costly renewal of legacy systems. Industry analysts are now firm in their view that Cloud is coming of age and the way to ensure future competitiveness (and indeed possibly guarantee survival) in the financial services world, is to take advantage of the massive cost saving opportunities that SaaS can deliver coupled with instant business agility.

At the conference we will be introducing B-SaaS and showing how it can deliver agility at massively reduced cost. Our B-SaaS™ solution is based on service oriented architecture (SOA) and the banking services we provide are in line with the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) standards adopted for the financial services industry - visit bian.org for more details.

The platform comes with abilities to overlay your existing and also develop your own business processes as well as extend services to your on-premise or other cloud based applications since it is built on a service framework with over 5500 finely grained web services that you can use to create your enterprise architecture.

Powering B-SaaS™ are two next generation banking engines:

ConnectCore™– a modern service orchestrated core banking platform with Channels & Mobile apps.
DataMatrice™ – a powerful data management tool for all your banking data needs.
B-SaaS™, ConnectCore™ and DataMatrice™ are products of IDEALINVENT Technologies PVT Ltd. A rapidly growing international company with a focus on solutions for banks and financial institutions. The business was founded in Sweden nine years ago and has offices established in Stockholm, Singapore, Bangalore and Vilnius. Behind the company’s success is the senior management team with a cumulative experience of more than 150 years in global core bank development projects and implementations.

“In our company, people work with extensive experience from various positions in the banking and finance industry,” explains Mats Esbjornsson, Director of Ideal Invent AB, Stockholm. “We understand the issues and pitfalls inherent in core banking and have a unified idea on how IT solutions should be and work in a banking business.”

Visit our Exhibition Stand at Bank 2.014 to experience agility or log on to B-SaaS.com for more information.

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