June 19, 2014 - DataMatrice is now database and application independent with its latest release 3.8

We are happy to announce that we are out with the 3.8 version release for our Data Management platform DataMatrice.

With this release we have successfully ported DataMatrice to the same technology platform as our next generation banking platform, ConnectCore. This event has important technical and business implication as DataMatrice is an important catalyst in effecting ConnectCore’s philosophy of Simplifying banking solution. This event is also a cultural and philosophical milestone for the company as it has resulted in a merger of our DataMatrice and ConnectCore team.

In its current form DataMatrice handles all data management, integration and transformation needs of a bank, however we plan to develop it into a one stop solution for any of a bank’s Data related needs by developing its Analytics and Business Intelligence functionalities.

Our head of engineering Shunmuga Devarpiran comments - “The benefit of undertaking this action is to allow the same technical framework to be used across the products and this in turn benefits the client by giving a consistent and therefore better user experience”.


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