B-SaaS – 'Banking Software as a Service' now available on MS Azure platform

Banking Software as a Service (B-SaaS) is now live on MS Azure platform across all Microsoft Azure data centre locations. The entire service platform of Channels, Core bank, Payments, data management and compliance is now available on Microsoft trusted Azure platform.

Banks can now experience agility in the safe Azure platform and launch services at never before speeds. B-SaaS over MS Azure provides a real-time facility for banks to launch their Bi-Modal IT strategy.

The platform enables banks to experiment and launch targeted services using the extensive API library available as part of the integration sandbox. This provides the bank with a very low risk platform to try new products and services and also integrate this with their main platforms. The facility is available across all Microsoft data centers locations.

The 30 day no-cost model bank is available now for banks on the B-SaaS portal launched on the Northern Europe MS Azure platform.

Postbank of the Philippines selects IDEALINVENT’s ConnectCore™ Deposit Management System, further to delivery of ConnectCore™ Loan Management System


Manila - Bangalore, January 13, 2015


 philippine contract

The Postal Savings Bank of the Philippines (Postbank) has chosen IDEALINVENT’s next generation banking platform, ConnectCore™ to implement their Deposit Management system. IDEALINVENT’s local partner, QNX Solutions Inc. (QSI), will be consulting for the implementation of the system.

The three companies partnered late last year in implementing a streamlining of Postbank’s Loan Management System. Riding on the successful delivery of the Loan Management System, Postbank has taken the next step in modernizing the experience for deposit processes. With 25 branches located nationwide and a long-standing legacy of bringing banking services closer to the homes of Filipino families in rural areas, Postbank has certainly made a mark in the lives of many.

The contract signing ceremony was held on the 7th of January at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza and was attended by the top executives of the companies. Postbank’s President & CEO, Cesar Sarino, expressed his optimism in the partnership by asserting the importance of this milestone in shaping the future of Postbank and marking their leadership in the market.

IDEALINVENT was represented by their CEO, Premkumar Bhagwatsaran, and Asia Pacific Business Head, Ganapathy Swaminathan. Bhagwatsaran stressed the importance of ‘trust’ in establishing partnerships, especially in the banking sector.  As he explained, “when a bank chooses a partner, it’s as good as you opening the doors to your house and inviting somebody in. It is through being transparent and honest that a productive collaboration may be achieved”. According to him, it is also their commitment to this level of trust, focus and efficiency that makes them a perfect complement to Postbank as proven with the delivery of the Loan Management System earlier this year which has led to the cementing of the partnership with the awarding of the Deposit Management System. 

The Postmaster General and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Maria Josefina Dela Cruz, also articulated her excitement in expanding the presence of Postbank especially on the countryside and ensuring the sustainability of the company for the customers and the employees. She conveyed their goal of solidifying the legacy of Postbank in being “the bank that has empowered the smallest and the poorest of our Filipino people.”

QSI President, Emmanuel Ramasola, responded to these aspirations by ensuring that “the technologies are geared to empower Postbank, to bring a new standard in the competitive banking industry, and QSI is here to support our partner even after the software solution has been implemented.” He further ensures that “this is going to be a long-term partnership for our companies and at the same time, we promise our long-term commitment.”

The primary goal of this partnership is to establish a robust system that will address realistic human challenges and be able to apply it efficiently to rural environments. The Deposit Management System is designed to complement the Loan System that has previously been developed and future solutions that will be implemented. It is created for customers to be within a single platform and to enhance the communication system in the bank and across all branches. These solutions will be developed to forge the competitive edge of Postbank and achieve the long-term goals of the brand for the country.



IDEALINVENT Technologies Pvt. Ltd is headquartered in Bangalore, India with subsidiaries in Sweden, Lithuania, and Singapore. The company caters to the Banking and Financial Services Industry providing superior products, consulting and solutions to the sector. IDEALINVENT’s banking platform, ConnectCore™, is focused on providing comprehensive solutions to next generation banks. Other product suites from IDEALINVENT include DataMatrice™, a unique Data Management Application for banks, QuantumLeap™, a differentiated consulting offer, and B-SaaS™, a cloud-based offering of banking software as a service.
www.idealinvent.com | www.b-saas.com

About QNX Solutions, Inc.
QNX Solutions, Inc. (QSI) is a Filipino owned information technology company that provides IT solutions especially in the area of banking, insurance, enterprise resource planning, human capital management, and financial management. The company was started in year 2000 by a group of businessmen and professionals known for their competence and wealth of experience in information technology, human resources, finance and banking and have grown into a full scale IT Company.

About The Philippine Postal Savings Bank (“Postbank”)
The Philippine Postal Savings Bank (“Postbank”), established in 1906, operates as a thrift and government depositary bank in the Philippines. The bank was created to offer banking services to the rural areas and to enable the Philippine government to tap savings in the countryside. Through its Microfinance Banking Office (MBO) program, Postbank is expected have its presence felt in the countryside by utilizing the postal offices located all over the country. Postbank now operates nationwide with twenty-five (25) branches – fifteen (15) in Luzon, six (6) in the Visayas region and four (4) in Mindanao. By 2014-2015, over 100 MBOs will be set up and more are planned to be established over time.




Prestigious double with Gartner for ConnectCore™

Logos ConnCore transparent background web use

Gartner’s well-respected annual publications of ‘Magic Quadrant for International Retail Core Banking’ and ‘A Banker's Guide to Asian Core Banking Solutions’ have given ConnectCore™ honorable mentions as a product to look out for in the next generation banking platforms landscape. Contact us for more information about ConnectCore™ and www.gartner.com for more information on their core banking publications.


Core banking map



Oct 22, 2014 - 15 new banks created in 10 minutes with B-SaaS™ at the Bank 2.014 Conference in Stockholm!

To demonstrate the business agility banks can gain through SaaS, IDEALINVENT Technologies launched the ’10 Minute Bank’ powered by B-SaaS™, their Banking Software-as-a-Service offering, to conference delegates in Sweden.

During the Bank 2.014 conference, Stefan Johansson, Head of Business Development in the Nordics for IDEALINVENT, invited the ‘C’ level banking delegates to register for their own bank by logging on to the B-SaaS.com website with their smartphones. In less than 10 minutes all 15 who requested a bank received links and logged on to their very own end-to-end banking platform via mobile. The delegates will now be able to experience B-SaaS™ free for 30 days across any channel they choose. They will be assisted by numerous resources from video tutorials to Skype Chat which are designed to walk users through all aspects of their core bank, e.g. account set-up, creating & launching products and formatting reports.

The B-SaaS™ engine is based on service oriented architecture (SOA) and the banking services provided are in line with the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) standards (visit www.bian.org for more details). The core banking engine powering B-SaaS is completely parameter driven and modular and is complimented with unique data management capabilities for advanced analytics and reporting. This is further enriched with the Channel options that banking customers now require, including a fully-fledged Internet bank application and Android mobile application platform with iOS app coming soon.

The B-SaaS 30 day experience is now available to anyone from the banking and financial sector who would like to experience the agility made possible by implementing a SaaS based solution for their core banking needs. Just visit www.b-saas.com to learn more and register for your own ’10 Minute Bank’!

Stefan said of the experience at the conference, “The response and feedback from delegates on how B-SaaS addresses the challenges banks are facing strengthened our beliefs that we are on the right path. We could clearly tell that showcasing our abilities through the 10 Minute Bank concept was considered unique and very exciting by our prospective customers”.

Experience Agility with B-SaaS at Bank 2.014 in Stockholm on 21st October

Bank 2.014 in Sweden is the BFSI’s sectors annual event for the Nordics that provides participants with knowledge of the latest trends in digital banking services and provides them with tools for new technology opportunities to be converted into business value

At the Talentum organized Bank 2.014 conference in Stockholm, Sweden on the 21st October - we will be introducing your passport to instant Agility: B-SaaS™ – our Banking Software-as-a-Service. And we are ready to prove that instant agility to you; visit our exhibition stand at the conference for the big reveal or log on to B-SaaS.com to pre-register for our ground breaking offer.

Agility and cost are the inter-twined paradoxes banks are currently facing; to be competitive, they need to be supremely agile – but agility is compromised without a costly renewal of legacy systems. Industry analysts are now firm in their view that Cloud is coming of age and the way to ensure future competitiveness (and indeed possibly guarantee survival) in the financial services world, is to take advantage of the massive cost saving opportunities that SaaS can deliver coupled with instant business agility.

At the conference we will be introducing B-SaaS and showing how it can deliver agility at massively reduced cost. Our B-SaaS™ solution is based on service oriented architecture (SOA) and the banking services we provide are in line with the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) standards adopted for the financial services industry - visit bian.org for more details.

The platform comes with abilities to overlay your existing and also develop your own business processes as well as extend services to your on-premise or other cloud based applications since it is built on a service framework with over 5500 finely grained web services that you can use to create your enterprise architecture.

Powering B-SaaS™ are two next generation banking engines:

ConnectCore™– a modern service orchestrated core banking platform with Channels & Mobile apps.
DataMatrice™ – a powerful data management tool for all your banking data needs.
B-SaaS™, ConnectCore™ and DataMatrice™ are products of IDEALINVENT Technologies PVT Ltd. A rapidly growing international company with a focus on solutions for banks and financial institutions. The business was founded in Sweden nine years ago and has offices established in Stockholm, Singapore, Bangalore and Vilnius. Behind the company’s success is the senior management team with a cumulative experience of more than 150 years in global core bank development projects and implementations.

“In our company, people work with extensive experience from various positions in the banking and finance industry,” explains Mats Esbjornsson, Director of Ideal Invent AB, Stockholm. “We understand the issues and pitfalls inherent in core banking and have a unified idea on how IT solutions should be and work in a banking business.”

Visit our Exhibition Stand at Bank 2.014 to experience agility or log on to B-SaaS.com for more information.

Sept 15, 2014 - IDEALINVENT Technologies to strengthen its Data Management suite with Integratie Services powered by SAP BusinessObjects

IDEALINVENT announced today that it has entered into a strategic OEM partnership with Integratie Services to enhance their DataMatrice™ suite for customers worldwide. Integratie Services will supply solutions & Services powered with SAP BusinessObjects to IDEALINVENT. By virtue of this addition IDEALINVENT will be able to offer customers a unified access to BI Platform superior in reporting and data visualization features along with DataMatrice’s advanced data management and analytical capabilities.

DataMatrice™ has been designed exclusively for banks to make sense of structured and unstructured data. The advanced data processing engine of DataMatrice™ is capable of handling banks’ data transformation needs at the operational level, business information needs for middle management and business intelligence needs for top management. IDEALINVENT is positioning DataMatrice™ as a one stop data management solution for banks. DataMatrice™ has been the product of choice for migration and data transformation in some of the largest banks in Europe. 

This announcement connotes close collaboration between the companies, not only for constant development of IDEALINVENT’s products running on newer solutions powered by SAP technologies, but also for tightened association on supporting customers of both companies. Through the co-operation, existing and forthcoming customers will be able to benefit from the business value of and more easily incorporate various IDEALINVENT solutions into BI technology environments.

Mridul Kumar Nath, Head - Alliances and Partner Strategy, IDEALINVENT explains further, “In this day and age where information is consumed across devices, data visualization in a variety of ways on whatever interface, is key to making processed data easy to understand and more effective. With the introduction of the reporting and data visualization features of SAP BusinessObjects, DataMatrice™ will have an interface that truly complements the depth of its data processing capabilities.”

 “We as SAP partners are dedicated to explore and enlarge modernization to ensure best of breed BI with our partners,” said Rajkumar Deshmukh, CEO of Integratie. “For a sustainable growth through process and technology optimization, we will provide services and necessary support to help create new, enhanced offerings to expand the current product portfolio by embedding/integrating developed applications with BI Solutions”

click here to download the pdf version.

July 2, 2014 - IDEALINVENT and Prime Factors partner to bring a comprehensive EMV Card Management offering to the global market

SUMMARY:  Innovative banking system providers agree to jointly offer cryptographic payment card management capabilities integrated with ConnectCore next generation banking platform.  ConnectCore customers may now extend their use of the platform to include secure magnetic stripe & integrated chip smart card personalization and issuance. 

IDEALINVENT, provider of Next Generation banking systems, and Prime Factors® (www.primefactors.com), provider of cryptographic data protection platforms, today announced a strategic partnership to introduce the latter’s Bank Card Security System® (BCSS) and its Card Security and Personalization capabilities into the former’s ConnectCore – Card Management offering.  The combination ensures ConnectCore customers around the world that critical cryptographic payment card issuance functions are completely secure and sufficiently broad to address their needs.

Prime Factors, known for addressing the cryptographic needs of data centers for over thirty years, developed the Visa Pin Control Software that VISA deployed to over 120 VisaNet members worldwide in the 1980s.  Building on that early success, the company developed BCSS specifically to support banks and financial institutions’ magnetic stripe and integrated chip (IC) smart cards.  The latter are required for compliance with the PCI EMV standards, known colloquially as “chip&PIN” in many countries.  BCSS is now used around the world by card issuers and card personalization service bureaux as the cryptographic key management and card personalization parameter management system for the issuance of millions of cards each year.

IDEALINVENT's Card Management offering is a part of their next-generation banking platform ConnectCore. The ConnectCore platform was designed based on the insights of the company’s think-tank and governance center based in Stockholm, Sweden.  Current customers are supported from a hosted data center managed by a partner, with additional customers queued to start processing later this year. Besides the Card Management offering. ConnectCore has a comprehensive SOA-based core banking product for Retail banks, payment hub, as well as an integrated multichannel front office product supporting solutions for Online banking, Mobile devices, Branch and Agent banking.

Mridul Kumar Nath - IDEALINVENT's head of Alliances and Partner strategy, comments: "This partnership is one of the key steps we have undertaken to bring to market an end-to-end Card Management offering. Prime Factors is an ideal choice to provide the Card security functionality in our ConnectCore - Card Management offering as they are cryptographic data protection experts and a leader in the payment card security market."

 “We are delighted to join with IDEALINVENT as they work to address their customers’ critical revenue generation and data protection needs,” says Prime Factors’ head of Product Management & Marketing, Jeff Cherrington.  “Our platform is designed for just such purposes, to quickly & easily integrate needed magnetic stripe and EMV-compliant card issuance capabilities, particularly the PCI required integration with complex hardware security module (HSM) interfaces, into existing applications.”

click here to download the pdf version of thel release.


June 24, 2014 - IDEALINVENT partners with Ncat to offer banks in Nepal leading edge banking technology on cost effective models

IDEALINVENT has partnered with Ncat Systems & Solutions Pvt. Ltd, to provide its next generation banking products in the Himalayan Kingdom. IDEALINVENT’s product suites ConnectCoreTM and DataMatriceTM comprising of core banking, channels & mobility as well as data management products will be available to banks on license, rental and SaaS models.

Ncat is a leading distributor of globally recognized banking solutions in Nepal and has a wealth of experience in installing banking solutions such as ATM systems as well as consulting for On-line channels and Core banking implementations.

Nepal’s financial services sector can benefit hugely from IDEALINVENT’s cost effective delivery models for their next generation banking platform ConnectCoreTM. The ConnectCoreTM suite of products is completely service orchestrated allowing very short implementation timeframes and significantly low cost of ownership. IDEALINVENT’s products are also available as a service, under the B-SaaSTM brand name. B-SaaSTM is provided on a community cloud model where customers share common infrastructure and core services. The services portfolio of B-SaaSTM covers the front office, back office, accounting and reporting requirements of banks.

Ncat’s Managing Director, Atendra Shrestha says: “Our partnership with IDEALINVENT is a big step forward in our endeavor to cement our position in the banking solutions market and become a leading distributor in the region, because it entrusts us with superior products in addition to our already strong position in the Nepalese market.”

“ConnectCore makes leading edge technology affordable for banks in Nepal by using innovative delivery and business models. It empowers banks by providing them with the foremost technology to pursue strategic business and growth opportunities.” – comments IDEALINVENT’s head of Alliances and Partner strategy, Mridul Kumar Nath.

click here to download the pdf version of the release.


June 19, 2014 - DataMatrice is now database and application independent with its latest release 3.8

We are happy to announce that we are out with the 3.8 version release for our Data Management platform DataMatrice.

With this release we have successfully ported DataMatrice to the same technology platform as our next generation banking platform, ConnectCore. This event has important technical and business implication as DataMatrice is an important catalyst in effecting ConnectCore’s philosophy of Simplifying banking solution. This event is also a cultural and philosophical milestone for the company as it has resulted in a merger of our DataMatrice and ConnectCore team.

In its current form DataMatrice handles all data management, integration and transformation needs of a bank, however we plan to develop it into a one stop solution for any of a bank’s Data related needs by developing its Analytics and Business Intelligence functionalities.

Our head of engineering Shunmuga Devarpiran comments - “The benefit of undertaking this action is to allow the same technical framework to be used across the products and this in turn benefits the client by giving a consistent and therefore better user experience”.


Marketing and Communciations


May 19, 2014 - Postal Savings Bank of the Philippines selects IDEALINVENT’s ConnectCore – Core bank


The Philippine Postal Savings Bank (“Postbank”) has selected IDEALINVENT’s next generation banking platform ConnectCoreTM to implement vital core banking functions. Postbank, established in 1906, operates as a thrift and government depositary bank and has chosen the GL, Loans and Microfinance modules from ConnectCoreTM - Core bank. This solution will enable the bank in achieving their 5 year strategic objectives of doubling the number of branches and providing loan services to the unbanked through more than 1,900 post offices located throughout the country.

IDEALINVENT’s recently appointed local distribution and implementation partner QNX Solutions, Inc. (QSI), has this week commenced the implementation activities of the core banking project. The ConnectCoreTM system will be initially rolled out to Postbank’s head office in Manila and then to its 25 branch network and microfinance business offices, located all over the country.

One of the most important considerations that led to the bank choosing ConnectCoreTM was the product’s demonstrated high stability and ease of configuration. Also as the bank is looking to go live in a short timeframe they were assured quick and easy implementation by ConnectCore’s highly configurable product design and web services driven Service-Oriented Architecture.

IDEALINVENT’s CEO, Premkumar Bhagwatsaran, comments: “We are extremely happy to assist Postbank in achieving its objective of reaching more of the unbanked in the country. The bank’s choice of ConnectCore is a huge endorsement for us. It is also testimony to the joint efforts of our local partner and sales team. QSI, our local partner, is one of the leading system integrators in the country and has enthusiastically adopted our unique partner empowerment model and the results are evident.”

“IDEALINVENT’s combination of great products, cost effective delivery models and partner-centric approach has brought an industry changing value proposition in the Philippine market. This will, I’m sure, be the first of many successes for IDEALINVENT and QSI in the region” says Emmanuel Ramasola, Executive Vice President & General Manager at QSI.

Click here to view the pdf version.

May 7, 2014 - IDEALINVENT expands its global footprint to Azerbaijan through a partnership with Ultra Company

IDEALINVENT Technologies is pleased to announce its entry into the Caucasus region through the signing of a partnership with Ultra Company, Azerbaijan. The partnership empowers Ultra Company to distribute and implement IDEALINVENT’s next generation banking products – ConnectCore™ and DataMatrice™ in Azerbaijan.

Ultra Company has rich local knowledge and credibility proven through their representation of several globally renowned IT corporations such as Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, HP and Cisco in Azerbaijan. With more than 15 years of experience in the IT sector, and significant experience in implementing banking applications, Ultra has the required mix of experience and skill to bring ConnectCore™ and DataMatrice™ to the Azerbaijan market.

ConnectCore™ is IDEALINVENT’s flagship banking platform and it comprises 3 distinct solutions - a modern SOA based Core bank, Channels & Mobility and a Payments hub. These solutions have an international pedigree having first been implemented in the Nordics. DataMatrice™ is a data management, integration and transformation tool and comes into the Azerbaijan market at an opportune moment bearing in mind the current market sentiments on consolidation of the banking industry. There are expected to be challenges arising from these mergers and acquisitions, particularly issues related to integration and data integrity that could pose a serious threat to business continuity. DataMatrice™ offers a promising value proposition for banks to address these potential threats.

Mridul Kumar Nath – IDEALINVENT’s head of Alliances and Partner strategy, comments “This partnership is a second milestone in our strategy to gain prominence in the CIS region after a successful partnership signing in Moldova last year. We are positive about the market for core bank replacement in Azerbaijan as more and more banks are looking to modernize their core in order to support technologies that are evolving in the channels and analytics space.” Mr. Nath also added that with advanced banking systems such as ConnectCore™ and DataMatrice™, banks can get the competitive advantage they need which is so hard to achieve in a saturated and highly regulated sector such as the financial services.
Mehemmed Zulfugarli, Board member at Ultra Company explains further “The signing of the agreement with IDEALINVENT Technologies is a big step forward for our company's development of integration services offered in the Azerbaijani IT market. The introduction of products such as ConnectCore™ and DataMatrice™ in our portfolio will allow us to meet end to end needs of the banking sector and help banks be more productive and successful in serving their customers.”

Please click here to open the pdf version of the release.

April 28, 2014 - Energbank chooses ConnectCore to enable their Internet and Mobile banking services

IDEALINVENT Technologies, an emerging challenger in the banking software space, announced Energbank as their inaugural customer in Moldova. Energbank, which has 70 branches throughout the republic, has opted for the Internet and Mobile banking solutions that are a part of the ConnectCore™ - Channels & Mobility product. Energbank's online services will initially be available to individual customers and later extended to commercial customers as part of their future road map.

Online presence and mobility being one of the pillars for the bank of the future, Energbank was looking for a technically advanced channel solution to provide exceptional customer experience. Understandably therefore they had to have a very high comfort level that ConnectCore™ could deliver, as what they were planning to do was almost unprecedented by local standards. In ConnectCore™ - Channels & Mobility product, Energbank has chosen a product that is built on a robust and superior technology framework, allowing it to fuse into a service oriented reference architecture ensuring rapid implementation and low cost of ownership. Besides the underlying architectural proficiency, the ConnectCore™- Channels & Mobility promises to offer differentiating features such as: an integrated communication platform, intelligent auto suggestive fields and many of the features expected from the web of today.

A major challenge in this project would have been, integrating a modern channel solution with a legacy home grown core system. The delivery from IDEALINVENT was very compact and included ConnectCore’s library of published SOAP web services which has allowed a smooth integration. The bank is nearing completion of integrating the channels with the core system. The implementation is coordinated by IDEALINVENT’s local partner, DAAC System Integrator, one of the largest ICT services and consulting companies in Moldova.

Premkumar Bhagwatsaran, CEO at IDEALINVENT, said: “ConnectCore’s Channels & Mobility is designed keeping usability in mind to ensure easy understanding, while the trimmed and sophisticated processes ensure crisp execution of transactions.” He further comments - “This delivery, one of the more technically advanced in the Moldovan financial market, will ensure a strong online presence and mobile capabilities for Energbank, allowing them to provide exceptional customer experience by making internet and mobile devices one of their main channels to keep customers engaged”

Please click here to open the pdf version of the release.

IDEALINVENT Technologies introduce their next generation core banking platform into Indonesia by partnering with HBM.

IDEALINVENT Technologies is pleased to announce the signing of a partnership with PT. Hexaon Business Mitrasindo (HBM) Indonesia to market and implement their portfolio of core banking products in the region. The partnership joins IDEALINVENT’s differentiated product offer with HBM's integration capabilities and regional knowledge, so that together they form a strong value proposition for local banks. This is the second successful agreement for the company in South East Asia after it signed a partnership agreement with a major system integrator in the Philippines last month. IDEALINVENT has a long established presence in Scandinavia and is also currently expanding into the Eastern European and Central Asian markets.

Please click here for the full article.

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